Park Fence Removal

By October 14, 2011 4 Comments

They are going to start demolishing all the fences that surround public parks. I’ve asked for this a couple of times (here and here) and it seems their reason for removing them was mainly to stop people abusing the parks for ‘immoral acts’. I can also understand the concerns of parents worried about their kids. I wouldn’t mind child proofing the kids play areas, where there are swings and activities (maybe have a 1m high fence around those areas?) but I also think those fears are exaggerated. The problem parents should concentrate on is trying to find ways to reduce the speed of cars in residential neighborhoods. That’s the real problem and one which I don’t see much effort going towards fixing it. Still, this is a good step towards improving the walkability of Kuwaiti neighborhoods and every step makes it easier to take the next one and get us closer towards safer, healthier and more stimulating neighborhoods.

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  • says:

    Can you please explain how not having a fence around a public park prevent these acts.Young children can just run out and the roads are just out side (sigh) šŸ™

    • I don’t have kids, so I can’t speak as a parent. I do however assume that the play areas are not directly next to the roadside, and if they are they should be moved more towards the inside of the park. The play area should also have a small, one meter gate around it so that little children can play while their parents can watch without having to worry about keeping their eye on them all the time.
      Still, I don’t think the best solution is to just ignore the problem and build a fence. The problem is that people drive in our communities at speeds that can kill. That’s the problem, not the fence.
      To answer your other question, not having a fence means everything is exposed. In order for young people to feel safe in their at night (where all the bad stuff happens) they usually have to jump the fence. That makes it safe for them inside because people driving or walking by won’t know they’re in or would have to jump the fence too in order to catch them. Without a fence they’re exposed. With enough lighting so there aren’t any blind spots, the risk just won’t be worth it and the park would theoretically be safer and cleaner.
      A fence also removes responsibility from the community towards what happens inside. Removing it makes them feel accountable, as if this is their park too and not a gated luxury.

  • Frederic says:

    There is a lot of work to do, I mean with speed bumps people don’t slow down and just floor it when they see a speed bump, i don’t think a stop sign would do any good since the Ministry of Interior hires people that has no knowledge.
    I know within 20-30 years our generation would raise up, but until when?
    we have the liquidity and we have smart people and it’s not like we will start something no one did before and worry if it’s gonna fail.
    Keep up the good work guys, w inshallah one day our Country would raise up by us.

    • Thanks! I know that the baladiya is trying really hard (especially the young guys there) to try and solve this problem. There just isn’t enough that they can do without drastically altering the way people drive.

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