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SAM Street: Winter only?

By February 23, 2010 3 Comments

Mayor Bloomberg just announced that theĀ Times Square pedestrian pilot project will become permanent. This means that it’s now a completely pedestrian only street all year round from now on. This is great for tourism and public health and safety. They’ll start designing permanent landscape architecture and services to accommodate the change. It’s a great decision and one that should be used as an example for SAM street here in Kuwait.

Times Square, NY City

I’m wondering if maybe converting SAM street into a year round pedestrian promenade might not be fair to the tenants. Nobody will really be walking there all day during the hot summer months. What if the pedestrian street becomes seasonal? It can be done in a way so that it transforms into a pedestrian street with very little adjustment, maybe just installing retractable bollards to stop cars from driving in. The landscape architecture would have to be designed to not restrict cars in the summer, but that’s a realistic design problem and can be solved. So what we end up with is a pedestrian street during the cooler months (November to April) and a normal street during the hotter months (May to October). A seasonal transformation is a politically feasible solution for SAM street.

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  • 3azeez says:

    Maybe its time to stop calling it SAM and use its name, if you think its more appropriate to use that form, then how about we start calling you BaB?

  • q8travelbud says:

    Noooo…i like times square the way it is …
    as for SAM street … I don’t know if u’ve been to Denver’s 16th mall street .. its open for pedestrians but at the same time they have a shuttle that runs from one end to the other for those who prefer an easy ride…

  • boyousef says:

    mo3tham eli bl sora in time sq seyaa7
    ma 3endohom sayrat yayeen mashy
    SAM eb wath3a el7aly ma feeh mawaqef kafya lo eysawoon underground parking ta7ta eykoon ok

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