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March 2010

SAM StreetUrban
March 27, 2010

Taking Over Freeways

This is an urban renewal proposal in Los Angeles that, although at a much grander scale, is similar to what we want for SAM Street. The idea is to literally cover a portion of sunken freeway with a large park. "Plans to develop four so-called…
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March 15, 2010

Deploying our Cognitive Surplus

Please take the time to watch this video. I can't seem to embed it, so you have to click the link. In the video, Clay Shirky talks about the revolution happening in social media. We used to be passive because there wasn't much we could…
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March 1, 2010

Charter Schools

Why doesn't Kuwait have any charter schools? These are independent publicly funded schools (no tuition, religious affiliation or selective student admissions), but are separated from the rules of the Ministry as long as they abide by agreed upon performance standards. A charter school is authorized…
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