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December 2009

December 30, 2009

Neighborhood Character

We talked about varied urban densities in a previous post, but what would those look like? Most residential neighborhoods in Kuwait have lost all sense of character and have become glorified parking lots for bigger and bigger houses.¬†Cars fill the sidewalk entirely. People are now…
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December 28, 2009

Shamiya House

I'm becoming very encouraged because of a perceptible shift in attitude towards outdoor space in Kuwaiti clients. People are finally understanding the outstanding value that a well designed roof garden or courtyard can provide. Maybe it's just a reaction to the wonderful weather, but it's…
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OtherSAM Street
December 23, 2009

SAM Street Analysis

Be sure to check out Tom Modeen's latest post on SAM street at¬†Kuwait School. He talks about how the street has the potential to become a place where you would go to just walk around and explore, having accidental and unexpected discoveries. He has some…
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December 18, 2009

Energy Rebate

People in Kuwait have no incentive to reduce their energy consumption. I personally don't really care about the Earth enough to let that influence the way I make my decisions, and i'd be lying if I said I was. The planet was here millions of…
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December 16, 2009

Arraya vs Salhiya

We have discussed Arraya complex before, where we mentioned the need to create a public, outdoor space rather than the traditional all-inclusive, controlled and heavily monitored mall. Yet Arraya does have something of that nature within the complex. Arraya Plaza is rectilinear in shape, situated…
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SAM StreetUrban
December 5, 2009

SAM Street

Salem alMubarak Street has the potential to become (once again) an integral urban element of Kuwait. What would happen if we simply remove the street? How would a pedestrian promenade work? Please be sure to read through Tom's excellent post on the subject at Kuwait…
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